Soul Splinter Retrieval


Do you feel you need to attract somebody, some talent or change somebody or something outside yourself to make your life perfect?


The only person you have power over to change is yourself.  The Buddhists say that 'everything you need is within you', therefore it follows that if you seek somebody or something outside of yourself there is something missing in you.  I always felt that if I met the right woman partner in my life all my problems would be solved.  It never occured to me that the woman partner that I sought outside of myself was an indicaiton to me that aspects of my own internal female side might be missing.  What I never realised until I read the book A Healer of Souls, by the Shamanic practitioner Dawn Paul is that part of my soul might be missing.


Basically what happens is that when a person has a traumatic incident in their lives, (which usually orignates from a past life), the aspect of the soul that feels threatened splinters off just like part of a computer programme.  Mostly these lost soul splinters are stored in the Earth Consciousness for safe-keeping which acts like a mainframe computer.  When I had this 'Soul Splinter Retrieval' process done on me in 2013 by Dawn Paul herself, she found that two aspects of my female self had splintered from my soul, my mother female self and teenage female self.  Being reunited with these two lost soul splinters has made a huge different in my life.  Now that I feel complete in my (left) female side, I have attracted my wife into my life who I feel is a physical manifestation of my true female side.  I now look back on all my ex girlfriends and realise that they all had missing aspects of their female side.  These missing aspects were reflected in me and therefore they were totally unsuitable women for me to marry.


I was so impressed with the affects that this process had on me that I have adapted Metatronic Healing with a 'past life' regression to get the same effect. I have been doing 'past life' regressions as a qulaified hypnotherapist for the last 15 years and there has been very positive feedback from people who have experienced this process.