Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy


One of the main purposes of our life on this earth is that we need to experience the 'negative' to appreciate the 'positive' of any given situation.  Obviously there are too many negatives in the world to experience them in one lifetime.  For instance you have to experince starvation to appreciate having plenty of food, to experience poverty to appreciate wealth, lawlessness to appreciate the law and so on.  


The Buddhists have a lovely saying 'no pain no gain'.  I prefer to think of it as 'what's your pain, what's your gain'.  Before you come into incarnation, in most cases, you decide in advance what pain you are going to have and move through in that lifetime.  (For further information on this see 'Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz).   Some of these experiences or lessons are spread over more than one lifetime, particularly if you are put to death or suffered terrible trauma in a lifetime. For instance I have recently done therapy on several people who have been put to death in a previous lifetime for being a healer (or a witch as they were commonly called).  What happens is that these people came back into this lifetime with the fear that they will be killed (again) if they do what they are drawn to do and what they are good at.  I was trained by a hypnotherapist called Steve Burgess who is considered to be a 'master' of the process of guiding clients into a previous life, identifying the fear that still affects them so that they can neutralise it in a variety of ways. For instance one way is by changing the mindset like you would re-programme a computer.  This has the effect of changing the programming in our brain so that the fear recedes.  You should then find that the fear goes over a period of time and you will naturally appreciate and feel fulfilled doing what you want to do in life and what you are drawn to do.


I have an open mind as to whether you have ever lived these lives because of the discrepancy in the numbers of people on the planet now as compared with previous times, or whether somebody who had lived a certain life gave you the 'computer programme' of this life because it s something that you needed to experience in the negative to appreciate the positive.  Of one thing I am certain though is that they are there.   I have seen people cry, or in a recent case quite literally jump three inches off the healing bed when they recalled the moment a lion jumped out of a bush and killed her.  By re-living and releasing the tension and the trauma in a deep state of relaxation you only feel a fraction of what you origanally felt, you release the fear so you can, for example, experience the magnificance of these beasts.