Better Life Course





Healing through Self-Realisation and Self Awareness.


Ever wondered why you feel stressed, uncomfortable

or depleted in certain situations?




My experience is that it is only by recognising the basic causes and dynamics of Stress and how our lives are influenced by events in our past, that we are able to alleviate it, in order move our lives on to a higher level.


At the end of this course, you can feel stronger, happier and much healthier. This course can also help you develop your intuition.


This course has been carefully constructed for people who are interested in the many forms of Healing and Alternative/Complimentary Therapies, and especially in the way that these therapies can enrich and empower our lives and the lives of those around us. Ideal for people who have never experienced Healing or Complimentary Therapies before.


The BETTER LIFE course is a weekly series of 6 two hour lectures incorporating the latest Healing, Visulisation and Relaxation techniques for you to experience for yourself. It also includes simple techniques that you can use yourself to help others.



This course helps you to learn how to :-

  •     Let go of Stress
  •     Relax
  •     Enjoy Life More
  •     Realise your Full Potential
  •     Find your Life Purpose
  •     Create the Relationship you want
  •     Further your career
  •     Find the right work for you

This is for you if you feel that:-


*  there is More to Life


 *  you want to Change your Life for the Better


 *  you are stuck in a rut


 *  you suffer from stress


 *  you are Fearful or Worried for whatever reason


 *  you want to be able to Heal a Relationship with your partner, parents or friend


 *  you wish to help a Stressed or Sick Partner or Friend


 *  you want help Finding the Root Cause of Addictions, such as smoking, alcohol  etc.




As well as being a thoroughly rewarding learning experience, the course is designed to be interesting, enjoyable, fun, and a very pleasant way to spend two hours per week.



Personal Investment £7 - £10 per week depending on location

See Contact and prices page for prices (DIscounts/Concessoins available)