Metatronic Healing


Its powerful.  I credit it with being a major factor in my healing from bladder cancer in 2008.


Metatronic healing is relatively new to the planet having been channelled through Pippa Merrivale  in 2007.



Metratronic healing gets to the core issues in a conscious or sub-conscious way.  These core issues/limiting beliefs can be just ike computer viruses very difficult to find but in their 'hidden state' cause very painful, sometimes unconscious emotions which in turn cause serious illnesses.  The healing works on the destructive emotions, limiting beliefs and ancient traumas from deep within  the cellular memory.    It is vitally important to remove, transform or let go of these so that we can get back to who we truly are.  You may think you are living your own story, but in fact you  are almost certainly absorbing the pain and traumas and difficulties of others living around you or those you have lived with, particularly of your parents even if they are dead.  If the roots of these painful stories are not dislodged, we live a self-repeating cycle, our experience constantly reinforcing the beliefs hidden in our body.


My Experience of Metratronic Healing


I have found this form of healing to be one of the most powerful forms of healing I know.  It was a great shock to me that when I thought I had healed all the 'issues' in my life I developed a very serious case of bladder cancer.   At the time I was just starting the process of becoming a Metatronic healer.  I did the first colour healing course which is an integral part of the Metatronic healing training 5 days after I had keyhole surgery on my bladder.  I did the Metatronic healing Level 1 attunement and training course 5 weeks later and 2 weeks after this I again went into hospital to have keyhole surgery to remove the rest of the tumour.  Much to everybody's surprise they found that the tumour was benign.  I did the Level 2 attunement and training course 12 weeks later and  I again had an internal inspection of my bladder approx 2 weeks after this which again showed me to be clear.  At all internal examinations since then I have been able to see on a screen for myself that my bladder is still totally clear; it is very difficult to see where the cancer had been.


What can you expect from a session?


After ascertaining what aspect of your life or illness you want to work on you will be asked to lie on a healing couch.  The healer will then gently put their hands on your shoulders and start the flow of Metratronic healing through their hands into your body.  (The healing can be done without touching but a light touch on the shoulders has been found to be best).  When you are fullly relaxed and in resonance with the energies of your body where all knowledge and memory is held, you will be asked to take your awareness into your body and be shown where you are holding the 'blocks' around the trauma, illness, problem or discomfort that you want to be removed.  Once identified you will be gently guided through the process of their removal to heal you.


See Contact Details page for location of one to one sessions (approx 1 hour) and for price, discounts and concessions.